For a wide range of venues, ranging from ‘Zwarte Cross’ music & motorcross festival to the Hermitage, from tent to castle, circus to chic, dance or a classical event, local to international, funeral to wedding, harpist Mechteld Karlien de Jongh is asked, because of her delicate performance, presence and sublime harps!

Mechteld Karlien has a wide range of musical interests and was inspired from the age of five years old, by great harp players such as Mariëlle Nordmann, Arianna Savall, Rosa Spier en Masumi Nagasawa. She has build a diverse repertoire containing unique Irish-, Scotish-, Brazilian-, Cuban en light classical music. Examples of some of the composers she performs music of are: Scarlatti, Bach, Turlough O'Carolan, Christina Tourin, Clannad, etc...

Mechteld can either provide a suitable musical backdrop to the occasion or if required take center stage. There are three harps to choose from, namely her Gothic harp, Erard concert harp dating from 1818 and / or the small troubadour harp. When giving recitals, she can perform together with all her harps and give short clarifications and anecdotes, complimentary to her music pieces and each specific harp. Her way of performing is vibrant, rousing & pure, stirring & evoking your imagination.

Mechteld Karlien is often asked to accompany Yoga and meditation sessions, where she can improvise with her performance to suit the atmosphere of the moment. She does this on a harp which has been specially custom made for her and bears her name as a unique type.

She also includes other instruments, such as an ocean-drum and tingsha’s. Insprired by the knowledge and wisdom of for example Soefi master Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Mechteld Karlien sensitivity can tune into a certain atmosphere perfectly and translate this in her specific way to her musical play. Dressing to suit the occasion, also if it concerns a special theme. Franz Reschenhofer, the maker of her harp clarifies: 'Die Kläng der Harfe sind wie die Wellen des Meeres, ein Gruss aus endlosen Universums! Lebe und Spiele...'

Harpist Mechteld Karlien de Jongh is able to accompany your special occasion perfectly.